Thursday, June 19, 2014

We're Going Green!


It’s been a few months now since we’ve moved to our new location and things are going great! One of our favorite features of our new office is the energy we run on from our solar panels outside.

With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, we are going green! Many businesses are now tapping into this alternative source of energy, hoping to benefit from its numerous advantages.

Reduced Operating Costs
Solar power systems will help reduce or and possibly eliminate our building’s electric bill. We’re hoping this money savings will have a tremendous impact on our business.

 Having a solar power system installed is the equivalent to prepaying for almost 40 years of energy, but at just a fraction of what we are currently paying for electricity. The cost per unit on our current energy costs is likely much higher than what we would spend for solar power. This results in further savings for our business.

Good Return on Investment
Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs means the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a good financial decision for our business. Investing in solar power generates both long-term savings and quick payback.

Maintenance-Free and Reliable
The solar power system will require little or no maintenance at all. The system will provide electricity quietly and cleanly for 25 to 40 years.

Earning the "Green" Label
Utilizing electricity from solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By using this alternative source, our company can express our participation in the battle against global warming and can reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources.

Having an environmentally responsible image is important for our company! What sort of ways do you help lessen your carbon footprint?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Advantage to Ordering with Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons

For years, Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons has provided martial artists with quality made weapons. Your orders are in the hands of skilled woodworkers with more than 70 years of collective experience.  We understand you have orders that need to be completed quickly which is why we work hard to process your orders as a fast as possible.

View Products Online
When you’re in the market for a new weapon, you’ll need to see a list of the weapons available to you.  Through Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons website, you have access to a categorized list of products we manufacture, along with available and sizes and colors.  Whether you need a bo staff, nunchukas, kamas or a sword you can view our products quickly to help you determine what weapons will work best for your needs.  

Work with Experienced Woodworkers
When you order weapons, especially in bulk, you’ll want the assurance that those products are built with the utmost quality.  Our staff at Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons has the collective skill and experience to produce a bulk order quickly and correctly with the quality you expect.  When you need quality weapons quickly, let us know.  Give us the specifications of your order and we’ll get it right the first time. Don’t leave your weapons orders to chance - contact Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons today to process your order.