Thursday, November 14, 2013

We're Moving!

We are excited to announce that in the coming new year, Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons will be moving to a new location! After 13 years of growth, our new location will provide more space for our expanding operation. It will include more design and work stations, a larger workshop, an expanded shipping department as well as much more room for raw material storage.

Space planning will be one of our main goals moving into our new workspace. In our effort to always better serve our customers, there will be designated weapon building stations in both the workshop and clean room film areas. This will also allow us to create a system of “quality checks” to ensure our products are 100% before leaving.

In celebration of our new office and work space, Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons has already started designing 2 new martial arts weapons that will be released in January 2014. Keep an eye out for products previews in the coming weeks. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It’s hard to believe November is just around the corner. Pretty soon most karate schools will be gearing up to hold their annual holiday sales and we’d love to see Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons included! A pair of chain nunchakus or a chrome bo staff can make an excellent present for a martial artist. It can open the door to a new passion, it can help students improve hand-eye coordination, or gain confidence in trying something challenging. No matter the reason, including martial arts weapons in your school’s holiday sale is beneficial to both you and your students.

Here are some great ideas for your event:
  • Holiday-themed Weapons: Over the past few weeks we've had orders come in with schools requesting green and red stripes on their custom weapons for holiday sales. What a great way to get in the holiday spirit!
  • Logo or Name: Another great way to personalize your Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons order is to add your school logo or name. This feature is available for all of our weapons and many schools already take advantage of this feature. What are you waiting for!
  • Best Sellers: If this is your first year including Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons in your holiday sale don’t fret! We’re happy to let you know what our best sellers are so you can provide your school with our most popular and high selling designs.
  • Completely Custom: Another great option may be to show your students how they can completely customize their choice of weapon. Whether it be a chrome bo staff, extreme sword, ultra lite kamas, speed nunchakus or custom arnis sticks, their color choices are endless. In fact, there are thousands of color combinations to choose from!
We know you have a lot of options this holiday season, but no matter what you choose, we hope you consider Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons for when “only the best will do!” 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Place Holiday Orders Early!

Following the release of our seasonal Holiday Pricing, we have seen an influx of customer orders over the past two weeks. We expect this to remain steady over the next two months before the holiday. If you plan to order from Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons we highly recommend placing your order as soon as possible. The holidays are always a very busy time for us and while we try to fill every order possible, it is largely dependent on customers placing their orders early.  

If you're interested in ordering a custom martial arts weapon, feel free to browse our website to get an early start on your holiday shopping. You can choose from a variety of karate weapons including: competition bo staffs, ultra lite kamas, speed nunchakus, custom escrima sticks, and name-etched swords. With over 32 different grips, holographic films, and band stripes to choose from, the options are endless for your custom weapon. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Custom Options for Select Bo-Staff Lines

At Cochran's Ultimate Weapons we always strive to provide the very best for our customers and keep our products up-to-date. One of the newest changes we're offering is in our line of custom martial arts bo-staffs. Select bo-staffs will give customers their choice of "Wood Type" where Poplar or Ash can be selected. The difference between these two woods will help determine the kind of bo-staff you or your student may like.

Ash will create a heavier more durable bo-staff, while Poplar will create a lighter and faster bo-staff. Both types of wood of course have their advantages. You may find this custom option available for the Thin Line Bo, Centurian Bo, Extreme Bo, Dragon Bo, Two Tone Bo, and Chrome Bo.

In addition, we have also improved our website to make personalizing your custom karate weapons even easier! You can now see this feature right on the Product page. Whether you'd like your first name, last name, or even a nickname added to your custom bo-staff, we're happy to do it. Numerous customers choose to personalize their karate weapons this way.

We are rolling out many other website improvements over the next few weeks. Be on the look out for more updates and blog articles explaining the new features!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holiday Pricing Released!

We are pleased to announce that we launched our special Holiday Pricing today. Please check your email for the details! Feel free to browse our website to get an early start on your holiday shopping and place your custom martial arts weapons order. Pricing is effective from September 30th to November 30th. Be sure to place your order as early as possible - the holidays will be here before you know it!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We are very excited to launch our new blog. We know this will be a great way to keep our customers updated with new products, offerings, and all other sorts of “shop talk.” Here you’ll be able to find weekly articles about all things Cochran’s Ultimate Weapons! Check back soon for our next article.