Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Goal: 2016 Olympic Games

Samery Moras, a University of Utah student, recently won the 2014 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships held at the University of California-Berkley from April 4-6. She competed among hundreds of athletes from top universities across the nation.

Led by her coach Melany Moras, Samery imposed her technical and strategic superiority over her rivals in the female FinWeight division (-46kg). She defeated Tara Sarathi of Massachusetts Institute of Technology 12-0; Jacqueline Chong of Los Angeles City College 8-1; and Nari Lee from Brown University 6-1, which placed her in the double-elimination finals. Samery went on to defeat the 2011 champion Katherine Trinh 11-7.

With the recent victory, Samery defended her 2013 Collegiate National Champion title and also earned a spot on the US National Team, which will compete in the World University Taekwondo Championships in Hohhot, China from June 8-14. This will allow Samery to continue rising in the Taekwondo world rankings and bring her closer to qualifying to represent the US in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Samery knows that in order to accomplish her goals, she must continue to participate in international opens sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation this year. However, she has the disadvantage of having insufficient financial resources to meet the expenses that arise from attending international events.

Samery is requesting assistance in her Olympic journey and welcomes the financial help and generosity of both individuals and companies who wish to support her dream. To make a contribution or become one of Samery’s sponsors, please communicate by email at samerymoras@gmail.com.

THE COSTS TO REACH THE GOAL: The following is an approximate amount spent per competition, which average out to be about 12 per year.
  • Flights (Athlete & Coach) $500-$3000
  • Hotel (Athlete & Coach) $200-$300
  • Tournament Entry Fees $100-$150
  • Training & Equipment Expenses $300

Total: $1100-$2300 per competition x 12 = $13,200 to $45,000 per year.

Any amounts of donations are appreciated and all sponsors are featured on Samery Moras’ Official website. Larger donation packages can be arranged as Tax Deductible.

Higher-level donations may receive:
  • Branding opportunities on training apparel, warm-up apparel, and travel gear.
  • Opportunity to promote your business at AMYS (Samery Moras’ training center) events and competitions.
  • Motivational speeches from this young, world-class athlete who is an active role model within the local community.
  • Martial Arts performances and/or self-defense seminars.

Cochran's Ultimate Weapons feels that this young woman deserves some help in her quest for the Olympics! She will be representing the United States and promoting the sport of Martial Arts. If she succeeds, this will be a huge benefit to the Martial Arts in the United States!

Would you consider sending her a monetary donation or having a Kick-a-Thon to help her in her endeavor? Every little bit counts!

For more information and/or to coordinate photos or video of Samery competing, please contact Samery Moras at (801) 209-4666 or through email at samerymoras@gmail.com